IT Support Loughborough

There is an increasing number of businesses in Loughborough. After a decade of being in the IT support industry, Pyranet has developed years of experience in offering quality services to its growing number of clients.

Pyranet will be able to support your business, make sure you have an excellent IT infrastructure and increase productivity in your business by keeping your technology up to date. Assisted IT, Managed IT, Consultancy IT and Recovery IT are just a few of the excellent services that Pyranet provide to businesses in Loughborough.

Managed IT

Managed IT means that the entirety if your IT department will be outsourced. Pyranet can take care of your IT department and all its systems. You can take your mind off IT and let experts at Pyranet take the reins.

If you start a monthly Managed IT contract you can benefit from:

  • Full Remote Support
  • Third party software support
  • System monitoring
  • Annual review
  • Regular Microsoft training
  • Loan equipment
  • Discounted installation
  • Onsite support
  • Hardware replacement for PCs and laptops
  • A dedicated support team

Assisted IT

IT managers’ can have a lot on their plate at any one time. Work can overflow and your businesses IT network could fall behind. Our team offers cost effective support for IT managers. IT managers can benefit from Pyranet by taking away some of their workload or even covering for them when they are away.

We don’t aim to take over the IT managers’ role. We strive to provide additional support.

IT managers can benefit from help with:

  • Strategic planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Implementation of large scale projects
  • Out of hours or holiday support desk services.

Consultancy IT

New releases and updates in the technology industry are announced everyday by the top companies and rumours can spread like wildfire.

At Pyranet, we can make sense of all the noise and provide you with the best possible solutions for your business. We can evaluate your current IT setup and help you develop a plan to future proof your business against technological advances. This includes an assessment to ensure you have the appropriate safeguards in place to protect your company against IT related risks.

Through our Consultancy IT service we have offer you help with:

  • Upgrading your IT hardware or software
  • Complete redesign of your current systems
  • Office moves
  • New system implementation

Recovery IT

A Disaster Recovery plan can save your business time and money. If a disaster should strike you are safe in the knowledge that your systems and data can be restored almost automatically. Pyranet can help you create and implement this plan so that you get the best solution for your business and the minimal amount of downtime.

A tailor made disaster recovery plan can protect your data from:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Theft
  • Hardware failure
  • Major disaster