Managed IT Support

Are you feeling that key individuals within your business with other main responsibilities are spending too much time resolving IT issues? What would happen if their skills were utilised growing your business and IT could be managed by experts?

Pyranet offer a range of IT support packages which can be tailored to your business needs.

  • Remote IT help-desk support to resolve user issues
  • Help resolving technical problems
  • Disaster recovery and back-up
  • Server monitoring
  • Engineers visits
  • Loan equipment
  • Training
  • Regular training, advice and support

Assisted IT

As an IT Manager, nothing will impress your employers more than being able to provide a cost effective and reliable IT infrastructure that is safe and secure whilst also enabling your colleagues to work to their full potential.

But even the best IT Managers can be presented with an IT problem or project they have never encountered before.

Getting advice from someone who has been there and done that before helps to build confidence and ensure projects run smoothly. When a project is not quite going to plan or you’re embarking on something entirely new or on a larger scale it can speed progress to have access to an expert.

Pyranet offers a range of support options to in-house IT teams who benefit from:

  • Access to industry approved expert IT technicians and engineers
  • Remote support to cover sickness or holidays
  • Technical support to resolve IT problems
  • Helpdesk software integration
  • IT planning reviews
  • IT Training
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Membership of Pyranet IT managers forum

IT Consultancy

Your IT infrastructure is likely to be one of the biggest capital investments your business will make and one which often determines how efficiently your employees can work.

It therefore makes sense to seek independent, specialist advice before you make any final investment decisions.

A consultancy review will help:

  • Ensure your business has an IT investment plan that keeps pace with technological advances
  • Helps to ensure users are making best use of technology
  • Protects your business from IT related risks such as fraud or hacking
  • Ensures you have a robust disaster plan
  • Ensures you invest in solutions that are right for your business


Disaster Recovery

Migrating to Office 365

As the cloud becomes a more viable option for organisations, the ideal first step is to move email and other day to day programs to an offsite server. By using Microsoft Office 365, you are placing business critical processes in the hands of the professionals.

With Office 365 you get the full Microsoft Office suite, hosted Exchange email solution and a few extras. If you are currently using an in-house email solution or an outdated POP3 solution, we can help to modernise this.


Moving to the cloud

The Cloud – what does ‘the cloud’ mean? How can the cloud help me? How can my business utilise the cloud to its fullest?

These are all questions we are asked on a regular basis. Moving to the cloud can be a daunting venture, especially if you are unsure of the benefits and the disadvantages I could mean for your business.

Pyranet have been utilising the cloud as a means of improving and developing our client’s networks for years. We not only understand the business benefits but also embrace them ourselves.

If you need any of the questions mentioned above answering, we would be more than happy to assist.


Many organisations have an ever expanding infrastructure of servers that carry out crucial elements of the business practices. As this infrastructure grows, so does the physical hardware required to carry out these tasks.

Virtualisation takes a single piece of hardware and allows multiple versions of a server to run from it. This allows the company to save money on expensive hardware without limitation to expansion.

If you are planning for growth or implementation of a new solution, we could help to reduce cost and keep the cost down for future projects.

Server Technology

The physical hardware of the server requires careful consideration to ensure it is suitable for the intended application.

At Pyranet we understand that the implementation of new server hardware can seem like a confusing minefield of options and jargon. We work closely with all of our partners and suppliers to ensure that we understand the newest of technologies and are able to implement them seamlessly for our clients.

Simply put, we take the confusion out of hardware integration.


Ensuring that your staff are up to date with the latest software they use is something that most businesses place as a high importance. The ability to use these programs faster and smarter increases productivity and allows for additional creativity and flare.

Pyranet provide all of our contracted clients with regular training events that are included in the contract price. We cover all areas of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook.

Click here for more details of the courses we are currently running.


At Pyranet, we are completely committed to providing you with the most efficient, suitable and tailored telecoms solutions for your business, whether that be a handset on your desk, a software based phone on your computer or an application on your smartphone.

We really believe that centralising your IT and telecoms systems is the best way to make your office as efficient and productive as it can be. Keeping your technology with one provider simplifies the stress of having to deal with multiple companies, so take a step back and allow us to make your office work.

As a member of The Townley Group, Pyranet and our partners within the group have extensive and thorough combined knowledge on a variety of telecoms systems and are able to clear up any queries you may have.

We understand that as with most technology, there are many different kinds of telephony solutions out there, so we have broken down what we can offer and the advantages of each system to bust the jargon and help you understand what you really need.