Disaster Recovery

Every Business should have a disaster recovery plan protecting it from fire, flood, theft, hardware failure or any other major disaster. This is something that Pyranet pride themselves on delivering to all of their clients.

Different parts of your business may have different disaster recovery plans. From an IT perspective, Pyranet can help you plan in case of a disaster, so that your business can be kept up and running even if the worst should happen. 

If something should go wrong with your servers, networking or even your internet connection your whole business may grind to a halt. This is where your Disaster Recovery Plan will come into place.

Having a disaster recovery plan allows you to get you back online and back to work in case a disaster should strike. This may require some manual work and a long downtime.

Sometimes a Disaster Recovery Plan needs to consider the length of downtime and the financial losses that may arise from the downtime experienced. 

In order to minimise this downtime you will need to remove any single point of failure. This will be part of your business continuity plan. Although similar to a disaster recovery plan it allows for an automated process to be put into place. Doing this allows your business to run smoothly and eliminates any downtime you might experience otherwise.

At Pyranet we have helped many different types of businesses with their disaster recovery and business continuity plans. We believe, that after many years of practice, we have achieved a truly versatile recovery process that allows us to recover your business no matter how devastating the failure.

We utilise the cutting edge of technology to implement and monitor the entire backup process and ensure that your business is protected should the worst happen.

If you would like any more information about disaster recovery or are looking to implement a disaster recovery plan for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.