It’s Our Birthday & We’re Officially Teenagers!

Posted on: 11th January 2018

What happened in 2005?

Cast your minds back 13 years ago… the year started with the re-election of Tony Blair’s Labour government for a historic third term.

YouTube went live in the February, and for the first time, people were able to listen to music and watch videos as they pleased, for free.

Doctor Who made a comeback after nearly 16 years of being absent from our TVs, this time starring Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, accompanied by Billie Piper.

Christopher Ecclestone became the 9th Doctor in the 2005 series

Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles, an event warmly welcomed by most of the British public, whilst on the other end of the spectrum, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston famously split after Brad met Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith.

In football, Liverpool beat AC Milan on penalties in the Champions League final and consequently became European champions.

Charles and Camilla on their wedding day

But above all, why was 2005 such a special and important year? Well, it was the year that Pyranet was born…

Happy Birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday to ussssss, happy birthday to us.

Fast forward to now…

So what’s happened since then? Well, since our beginnings, we have had the chance to work with lots of brilliant clients and have made positive differences for business all over Nottingham and Derby plus the rest of the East Midlands.

We outgrew our office in Bulwell and moved to Eastwood, experienced a steady growth of staff and became part of the Townley Group in 2016, allowing us to offer our customers specialist telecoms and data solutions as well as IT and Cyber Security services.

Babies have been born, haircuts have changed and we’ve watched as apprentices have blossomed into capable and confident IT technicians, whilst the IT Technicians have blossomed into even better IT Technicians, that all our clients know and love. All the while, we have still maintained our excellent service and ethos over the 13 years we have been in business.

We would like to thank all of our clients, those that have recently joined us and those that have been with us from the very beginning for having consistent trust in us over the years.

Here’s to another 13 years of providing excellent Managed IT Support!

-Pyranet Team