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M Wright & Sons – Case Study

Company Background

M Wright & Sons, designers of technical textiles and structures was founded in 1860. Over 150 years of business, they have earnt the title of being one of the best invested narrow fabric weavers in Europe.

M Wright also specialise in webbing, tapes, elastics and technical ribbons and pride themselves on their excellent quality products and innovation.

M Wright’s principle product areas are for industries such as aerospace, equestrian, marine and medical, to name a few.

The Challenge:

Staff at M Wright & Sons noticed an increase in the amount of suspicious emails they were receiving during a certain period of time, unfortunately these kind of emails can often appear as genuine emails, and an employee fell victim to ransomware bait, which consequently infected part of the network. This is a very easy mistake to make if you don’t know what to look out for.

Pyranet were alerted of this straight away, and managed to resolve the issue with help from the Cyber Security team. As a follow up, the team at Pyranet felt it was necessary for employees to learn more about cyber security to help prevent situations like this from happening again in the future.

Awareness training sessions that  Pyranet offer are useful for educating staff and keeping the IT security policy of the company fresh in the mind. The idea behind our sessions is to motivate people to take information security seriously and respond accordingly.

The challenge therefore involved the organisation of a cyber awareness programme to educate and inform employees at M Wright & Sons Ltd.

The Approach:

Getting rid of the ransomware virus involved our cyber security specialists rolling back the company’s server to a point in time where there was no trace of the virus. Then we investigated how the virus came about in the first place so that this hole could be patched over.

Then, Technical Director of Pyranet UK, Joe Burns organised a training day, which consisted of multiple different sessions to keep groups small and therefore more intimate for a more intense learning experience.

During training, Joe covered different types of hackers and techniques and how to spot them, plus going over other useful tips and tricks such as creating strong passwords and other mitigating steps.

As a follow up to the training employees at M Wright & Sons received, Pyranet provided the company with an easy to understand Cyber Security Tips and Tricks e-booklet that was put together with our specialists, to keep everyone’s memory refreshed and easy to refer back to in the future.

The Outcome:

M Wright & Sons can now benefit from having a well-equipped team that are prepared for any future cyber-attack attempts, increasing their security and ability to keep their business up and running without losing out on downtime as a result of hackers.

“The cyber security training sessions were simple and easy to understand, we found Joe to be knowledgeable and he answered all the questions that we had. We now see how important cyber security is for a business and would urge anyone who cares about the security of their data to attend a training session. Going forward, we are confident that with the knowledge we now have and with continued support from Pyranet, we are supplied with the necessary resources to avoid cyber threats much more effectively”.

-Marie Carver, Financial Director at M Wright & Sons Ltd.