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All our below services are available as ongoing contracts tailored to suit your needs.

Remote Vulnerability Scan

  • Remote check of over 47,000 current vulnerabilities including the latest security threats which is updated daily
  • Manual check to ensure that e-mail is protected against spoofing
  • DNS check to ensure that you aren’t revealing too much information publicly
  • Manual check to ensure that your domain provider requires authentication before making significant changes which could affect website or e-mails
  • Social media checks to find employee roles and public posts relating to the company on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Includes basic company foot printing, determining employee roles within the company
  • Report of all vulnerabilities and findings from above tests

Onsite Vulnerability Scan

  • Includes all remote vulnerability services
  • Onsite local PC check using auditing tools to check for missing updates, anti-virus, firewalls, etc.
  • Wireless security audit to ensure that all wireless networks provided by the business are up to the latest security standards
  • On site audit to see if the building and servers have relevant physical security and access control measures
  • Outbound firewall checks to reduce the risk of malware spreading by email

Full ethical hacking tests

  • Includes all  remote vulnerability and onsite vulnerability services
  • Full penetration test of all publicly available services within scope, including but not limited to servers, boundary routers, employees (phishing, social engineering, etc).
  • Simulated attacks on individual parts of the business, whether physical, virtual or through targeted attacks on employees to attempt to gain unauthorised access, determined by scope
  • Full profile of the business from an attacker’s perspective included with the report detailing every attempted and successful / failed exploit
  • Time spent working with the client and/or their IT provider after the penetration test to fix holes found and inform employees of weak spots that need work