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Cyber Security is for everyone

Many people may hear of cyber security and push the issue aside, as they may have never been on the receiving end of a malicious attack before, nor experienced a data breach. “It’ll never happen to me”. Unfortunately, any business is a prime target to opportunistic hackers.

Thinking that it’ll never happen to you is a dangerous assumption to make. Thinking that Anti Virus makes you exempt to security hacks is also a bad view to have towards cyber security. Anti Virus is only part of what procedures and equipment should be in place if you really want a strong line of defense for your business.

We specialise in cyber security (as well as being computer whizzes!) and we spend a lot of time with businesses, teaching them how they can best protect themselves. Joe Burns, Technical Director of Pyranet and leader of the cyber security awareness training has been practicing cyber security for over a decade and has extensive knowledge on the subject. He’s also a certified cyber essentials practitioner!

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What our cyber security training covers:

  • Types of hackers, common hacks and how to spot them
  • How to recognise spoof emails
  • The dangers of ransomware and other viruses
  • Mitigating steps – what you can do to make your business more secure
  • Tips for creating stronger passwords
  • Live demos of how a hacker may take advantage of your business
  • Easy to understand and informative e-booklet for future reference
  • Time for questions

Who have we done cyber security awareness training for?

We have ran cyber security awareness training sessions for quite a few years and as a result we have dealt with a diverse range of businesses such as Browne Jacobson and Crystal Palace FC.

Most of the businesses that come to us have already experienced an attack, and once we have resolved the cyber security  issues, the training is intended to ensure this doesn’t happen again. However, we try and highlight the fact that preventing an attack is a better defense than responding to an attack, which is why we recommend that cyber awareness training is implemented in all businesses.

If you want anymore information, we are always on hand to chat. If you are interested in cyber security awareness training for your business, then call us on 0115 8 24 25 26 or email Sales@pyranet.co.uk