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Disaster Recovery

We know that IT & Telecoms services are business critical and that a major disaster could bring your business to a halt. Pyranet specialise in inherently resilient solutions, but even then, disaster can still happen.

Flooding, fire, or even trigger happy pneumatic drill operators can bring your business to a sudden halt. As businesses nowadays rely so much on the ability to communicate with clients 24/7, downtime can be disastrous. Money is lost in terms of loss of sales but also your brand image can be rapidly damaged if customers cannot contact you.

Did you know that the main reason for IT downtime in a business is human error followed closely by unexpected updates and patches? At Pyranet we continually nurture and develop our client’s own tech skills so that if disaster does strike, the reason is due to external forces!

We can help you build a Disaster Recovery Plan, as well as providing off-site hosted disaster recovery solutions to always keep your business online. We’ll also create a Business Continuity Plan for your company, allowing you to keep running, if for any reason your office is out of action.

A disaster recovery plan is an essential element of your business strategy, especially given that businesses are more reliant than ever on their IT systems. From an IT perspective, Pyranet can help you plan for disaster, such as fire, flood, theft and other hardware failure to ensure you stay up and running in the event of a disaster.

Why is it important to have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Companies that don’t currently have a plan in place may already recognise the importance of Disaster Recovery but struggle with knowing where to start. Those who have not been affected by unforeseen events and costly unplanned downtime may even think that they are immune from disaster. However, it is better to be prepared since the cost of not having a plan in place can pose serious risks for an organisation.

What your disaster recovery plan should cover:

We can help you with the creation and implementation of your Disaster Recovery plan, adhering to all of the below criteria, to ensure that you have comprehensive protection. When we analyse your current IT set up and how your business operates, this also allows us to test for gaps and see where you may need to improve your current plan.

We can help you to organise in your plan what things need prioritising in the event of a disaster to ensure a more effective response, should the worst happen.
It should be made clear in the Disaster Recovery plan who is responsible for responding to a crisis and roles are assigned to specific people.
Business impact analysis
This helps to identify and evaluate potential effects that a disaster could have on your business, allowing for a thorough plan to be formulated in order to reduce the impact of a disaster.
A disaster recovery plan should not be a static document, and is best practice to schedule time to review the plan update it if necessary.

Disaster Recovery Products and Services


The products and services we provide ensure that you can meet the demands of your Disaster Recovery Plan effectively, significantly decreasing the impact of a disaster and the cost of downtime to your business.

Backup Software
Our chosen backup software product, ShadowProtect is created by StorageCraft. As an official StorageCraft partner and also as certified engineers, we know how to set up and maintain your backups.
Strategy and Planning
We’re on hand to recommend the best disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that are tailored to your business. This involves formulating your disaster recovery plan with you and creating a strategy that ensures your business is securely protected from disaster.
Server Replication
We use Hyper-V technology to install virtual servers on to your physical servers, allowing for replication of data between your servers. This is then tested regularly by Pyranet.
Infrastructure Redundancy
One of the most effective ways of making your defence towards disaster as strong as possible, is to make your infrastructure redundant. This is done by removing any single point of failure within your infrastructure, so if any one piece of equipment fails, the infrastructure will still work effectively.
Offsite Backups
This is where your data is backed up and stored either on our site at Pyranet head office, or in a data centre with our partners at StorageCraft. If you lose your data, we are able to restore it using the offsite backups.

How Pyranet can help


We can provide both pro-active and reactive support for your business. We always recommend that a pro-active approach is best, as preventing an issue is much simpler than trying to rectify the issue(s) after the disaster has already happened.

To talk to one of our experienced Account Managers call the office on 0115 8 24 25 26 and press option 2. We can organise a meeting to discuss your requirements.


Who we’ve helped before


We provide many disaster recovery solutions to our clients, ranging from monthly subscriptions of ShadowProtect to complete infrastructure remodelling to enable redundancy.

Read our case study on how we helped Treetops Hospice Care enhance their existing disaster recovery plan here.

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