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Last week we were joined by Nottingham based IT managers to explore and learn more about how to build secure and resilient networks. We want to say a big thanks to D-Link for sponsoring this event and providing our attendees with the equipment to use in the workshop, plus some brilliant goodie bags! (We especially love the octopus chargers)

So what did we learn?

Well, would you believe it, we learnt about lots of network related things!

Of course, we had to go right back to basics and recap on the OSI Model, you know the old saying; ‘Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away’ and all that kind of stuff.. and then it was swiftly on to hubs, switches and routers and how we can use VLANs to overcome ‘noise’ that can be created in broadcast domains.

We do love a good VLAN! They provide a number of advantages, such as ease of administration, confinement of broadcast domains, reduced broadcast traffic, and enforcement of security policies.

Other topics included looking at subnetting, daisy chain, bottlenecks and LACP.

Stacked Switches

We spoke about the benefits of stacked switches and how you can set them up within your network. Stacked switches are useful because they can show all the characteristics of a single switch but have the port capacity of the sum of the combined switches.

Benefits include simplified network management as there are fewer devices in the network to manage. Stacked switches also improve the backplane of the switches in stack. Scalability comes as another advantage as it is much easier to add members to a stack when multiple switches are combined into a stack group.

Practical, hands on experience

What’s the fun in a workshop if you don’t get to do some hands-on practical stuff?! Well we made sure our attendees were able to put everything we’d spoken about into action

  • Firstly, we had the chance to practice setting up D-Link stacked switches, (and got to play with an industrial level switch that the guys at D-Link kindly shipped over, too)
  • Created VLANs and demonstrated some inter-VLAN routing internal to the switch to avoid the router on a stick scenario.
  • Setup LACP to show a cost-effective alternative to 10Gb ethernet and a good substitute to daisy chaining switches.
  • Setup Rapid Spanning Tree and looked at how root bridges work and showed how quickly the network recovers over redundant links.
  • Loopback detection configured by using web interface on the switches .. demonstrated how loopback detection works by creating a network loop on unmanaged switch.



Our Assisted IT services

Many of our fab clients already have an in-house IT team or manager, and use our services to  supplement their IT department. We like to host seminars, workshops and events as part of our service to our clients, to help enhance their skills.

We can offer Assisted IT Support in Nottingham for companies that already have an in-house IT manager or IT team that may require support.

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