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Lines and Calls 

Pyranet provides a range of voice solutions. Business Lines and Calls can help you save money, whilst improving efficiency and line quality within your business. By reducing rental costs on existing telephone lines or installing new ones, we’ll supply a fixed line solution to suit your needs.

Through flexible tariff structures and low cost call rates, we can also save you money on your local, national, mobile and international calls.

Despite all the latest technology on offer, it is still ‘good to talk’. Landline phones still play a role in our workspace but should not significantly increase your overheads. Ensure you partner with a responsive voice solutions supplier so that you have an uninterrupted service that is billed how you want it to be. We understand that you don’t want to spend significant amounts of time dealing with your phone requirements so we liaise with providers on your behalf.

Our sister company, Townley Network Solutions, is a BT Openreach partner which means we’re able to provide telephone lines from their network and as a result, supply our customers with the same high quality solution but enhanced greatly by our own high levels of customer service.

As a significantly smaller organisation than BT, Pyranet are able to extend far better service levels with our dedicated service team. Should you have a fault or a question about your service then you will not have to negotiate a complex answering service. All our calls are dealt with from our UK offices and you will receive a direct number into the team so you will have an answer to all your questions, immediately. Of course, faults do happen, but we will manage these for you and liaise directly with Openreach to resolve the matter keeping you in the loop at all times. In short, you get the same fantastic quality solution but it is supported by the Pyranet team.

Pyranet deliver first class customer service, teamed with honest consultations

SIP Trunks

A SIP Trunk is the most common way of connecting an existing phone system to the outside world in order to receive and export over-internet voice traffic. With the addition of a SIP Trunk, users of traditional phone systems can benefit from next generation technologies, whilst adding capacity and features.

Accessing our voice solutions via SIP Trunks not only provides your business with next generation technology but it also offers you with a range of services that are not typically available over traditional methods or if they are, they come at a far greater cost.

Before the introduction of SIP, additional telephony features and resilience were only a realistic option for larger corporates who could afford expensive ISDN lines. Now with SIP, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the latest technology without the upheaval or cost of reviewing their existing phone systems. Benefits of SIP Trunks include:

  • Reduced rental costs – around 46% cheaper than ISDN
  • Flexible business numbering– keep your existing numbers when you move or use local numbers of your choice
  • Dependable resilience – during emergency outages or planned peak flow, we work with you to ensure resilience is built in and affordable
  • Disaster Recovery strategy – for peace of mind and business continuity, SIP can swiftly divert numbers to backup locations or mobiles

Our Technicians are perfectly placed to discuss your wider business need and tailor comprehensive end-to-end voice solutions and IT solutions for your business.

Voice Solutions SIP Trunks

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